Sometimes it’s nice just to appreciate that we know the practice at all.  I think about some people who have physical, emotional or psychological pain, and they feel that their only answer is outside of themselves.  Of course, that is true is some cases.  But so often, for me, what I need is to look inside to find clarity and to relieve pain and to just practice and breath.

Besides that, and probably more importantly, is the belief that we are absolutely divine as we are.   I can see that in myself, and if you see it in yourself you have to see it in others as well, since we are all connected by the same energy of goodness.  I wonder how much less conflict there would be if everyone had this philosophy?  I would assume it would be harder to kill someone or be hateful if you recognize the light in yourself  is the same as the light in others.

Basically I just think the power of yoga is pretty incredible, and sometimes we can all take it for granted.  With that in mind, I have a short yoga video practice focusing on appreciating our practice.  Enjoy – John

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