I picked up a stunning gold goosefoot maple leaf from my path and twirled the stem through my fingers. “I’ll hang onto this,” I thought. “It’s so beautiful.”
But as I walked another few steps, I realized the leaf would soon dry out and the colors fade or I might crush it somehow on the way home.
“Better let it go,” I reconsidered, as I it slipped from my fingers to the forest floor. But somehow the beauty remains in my consciousness.
Everything changes. It’s impossible to hold things in place in our lives and the world. Our physical bodies and environments change; our minds and perceptions change. Our energy goes up and down; the breath comes in and out.
Only fundamental consciousness remains the same. The quality of those quiet spacious moments we find in contemplation or when touched by beauty or Grace during our days.
That’s where we can hang out and find safety, comfort and sweetness. Amidst swirling change. ~ Andrea

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