Alison Aiken, PT, DPT, CYT

Alison began practicing yoga in 1999 while searching for a way to find peace within herself. At the same time she started running and found her yoga practice to be a nice complement to the repetitive stress that running places on the body. In 2005 she completed her yoga teacher training through The Yoga Institute learning a style of teaching that focuses on adapting and modifying postures for the individual rather than expecting the individual to conform to a certain ideal. This concept has blended her practice as a physical therapist into her yoga teaching. In 2019 she received her Professional Yoga Therapist certification through Naada Yoga in Montreal.
Alison’s classes include special attention to alignment, breath, and awareness of the body. She teaches in a way that links movement with breath and offers opportunities to explore the body’s capabilities with bits of anatomy, biomechanics, and self interoception thrown in. She demonstrates how yoga postures and consciousness carry over into everyday life. Classes are taught with consideration of individual needs allowing the student to embrace yoga with curiosity and without judgment.

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