Our new all-boys yoga class, YoBoys (ages 6-10) with Nikhil, starts this Sunday, 2:30-3:30. The class will cultivate fitness, fun, and focus during this important time of development for elementary-aged boys.
Here are 8 reasons why it is the perfect yoga class for a boy you know:

  1. Flexibility and Strengthen – Kids are naturally flexible and strong. Yoga helps maintain these wonderful attributes.
  2. Concentration – Yoga requires awareness and self-control. Balancing postures, especially arm balances, bring awareness right into the present moment. Just like you, when your son is in handstand, it’s all he can think about. Learning to concentrate on the mat in yoga will help him concentrate in class at school.
  3. Self-Esteem – Learning, experiencing, and practicing all the things you CAN do is a terrific part of the yoga practice. It inspires us and our kids to reach beyond our perceived limits and pursue our dreams with confidence.
  4. Peacefulness, Relaxation – These calm states are usually only associated with sleeping children. Giving your son the opportunity to cultivate calm will serve him in all aspects of his life – for the rest of his life.
  5. Manage Stress – Yoga gives boys tools they can use. Taking time to breathe mindfully opens boys up to new ways of coping with their daily stresses and empowers them to make positive change.
  6. Community and Peers – Yoga underscores our universal connection. As we struggle with the same postures, side by side, we start to understand how alike we are. We start to learn from our community. For some kids, yoga might be their first practice of empathy.
  7. Body Awareness – Body awareness increases the sense of self that underlies healthy social interactions.
  8. Discipline and Responsibility – Beyond the immediate gratification of enjoying a fun practice with friends, yoga teaches us that great things take time. Yoga is a lifelong practice without a final destination. The practice teaches us the importance of commitment and dedication on and off the mat.

These are just a few of the many amazing benefits that kids reap from doing yoga.
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