Meditation is something that is often depicted as happening someplace serene or even far away from your “normal” life and routine. While this may make the practice more appealing, the truth is that meditation is possible almost anywhere. All that’s needed is practice, dedication and determination!
Before you begin your practice, try closing your eyes and invite yourself to a place of inner ease, spaciousness, intensity or beauty. Notice whether any particular place arises naturally? Do you visualize any place or detail of a place that evokes a particular moment? Take note of it. The next time you meditate, no matter where you are, try visiting that place. See if reconnecting with the place connects you to the same sensation that brought you there initially. This can become one of the many doorways into your meditation practice. Play with it. Get to know it. Try accessing it at unexpected moments in your day and see what arises.
Regardless of where you happen to physically be during your meditation, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Be comfortable. Sit up, lie down, walk. Meditation can happen in motion and is often most helpful in times and situations that are the least amenable to it.
  • Any time you look forward to meditating or feel the need to, it’s the right time.
  • Breathe. Pay attention to breath to keep you in the present moment.
  • Notice thoughts. They will drift in and dance around the mind. Let them be. If you find yourself thinking about what’s passing through your mind, return to focus on your breath (or a mantra). With practice you will begin to slip into the space between thoughts.
  • Start small.
  • Remember that it’s a process.

Just as with asana practice, it’s better to spend a few minutes a day than an hour once a week with your meditation practice. So, if you happen to find yourself reading this post in between scheduled events, there’s no time better than now to begin!
~ Meg Satinsky, PT

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