Oh, the power of food! It’s our energy, our source of most nutrients and yet another outlet and reason for us to slow down and meditate. In order to absorb all the power it delivers to us we must be present with what we are feeding ourselves. Whether you are sitting and eating in silence or at a dinner party with friends it is possible to be present to give yourself some meditative moments with your food.
As a busy yogi mom of two, I’ve been noticing how I eat and have come across some tips that have slowed me down during a meal, a snack or even my end of the day piece of chocolate.
Dining alone with close family:

  1. Clear a Space – for where you eat. Don’t have your meal in the clutter of bills, magazines etc. Find a chair that will support you and a table that fits appropriately.
  2. Be Screen-free – no phones or iPads within reach. Turn off the TV.
  3. Before your First Bite – look at your plate/bowl and notice color, substance, temperature and acknowledge what your meal consists of. Take a few slow breathes as you are making observations. Take another moment and acknowledge any relationship to the food may have. Do you know the farmer or the fisherman? did someone gift you an ingredient? Use these moments to connect yourself on how this meal came to be.
  4. Begin to eat – taste each bite for what it is. Chew slowly, when doing so the rest of the body slows down including the breath. How many times do you chew within one breath cycle? Lengthen the breath so that you can chew each bite longer. Once the food is swallowed allow your fork to be empty and return back to the plate for a few moments before the next scoop.

Attending a potluck or dinner party?
Most tips can still be applied with a few specifications:
Acknowledge who provided what for food and beverage.
Connect your mind and body to the resource that supplied the food.
Having a toast puts more meaning into the food, thus strengthening it’s energy and connecting all diners.
Don’t talk and eat-Limit multitasking if you can. Refrain from having hearty or heated conversation while trying to enjoy your Meal, this will allow you to slow down, breath deeper and eat mindfully.
Bon appetite + Namaste
~ Morgan Merrihew

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