Breath is the gateway to sensation and sensation is the gateway to our inner landscape. Sensation can be felt in the current of our breath. Sensation can be subtle pulsation or vibration felt on or beneath the surface of the skin. Sensation can be strong or soft, focused in one area or spread throughout the body. Tuning into sensation taps us in to the intrinsic intelligence of the body.
For this meditation, start by paying attention to your breath as it flows in and out of the body and notice how that naturally moves your abdomen in and out. Recognize any bits of sensation in that area of the body. As you sit and breathe, continue to soften your body and let go of any residual tension. If sensation shows up, talk back to it with breath. Notice if sensation moves, intensifies or fades.
Try not to label or name sensation but let it simply be there, observing its rhythms. Focus your attention solely on the sensation of your abdomen moving in and out with breath and see where that naturally takes you.
~ Sarah Diedrick

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