Do you find sitting quietly, breathing, keeping the mind still with your eyes shut an almost impossible task? Try a walking meditation. During a walking meditation, your eyes are open. You walk. You breathe. You slow down.
Walking meditation does not require any special preparation. Walk wherever you are. If you are inside, walk back and forth, maybe 8 paces, in a slow, mindful way. Bring your attention to the parts of the body you normally don’t think about. How does your foot feel as it touches the earth? Can you feel your knees bend and straighten? Do your hips move side to side or up and down? What is your belly doing? What sensations are moving through your chest and the back of your neck? Can you feel your ears? And my favorite, what does my breath sound like? Can I hear my breath?
A walking meditation can be done outside as well. When I am outside, I like to listen to see if I can hear individual birds. Can I distinguish one bird song from another? What are the other soft sounds I normally would not hear, because I would be walking faster, talking, planning? An outside walking meditation looks different than a slow walk because you are not going anywhere. It is the journey, the step, the awareness you enjoy, not the destination.
~ Andrea Trombley

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