Find a comfortable seat, spine long, hips relaxed. Close your eyes and bring your attention to your breath. Take a few moments to be here allowing your inner body to slow down, matching the stillness in your outer body.
Now, imagine that your brain is like a light bulb. Your light bulb brain is very hard at work all day, every day. It shines very brightly, filled with energy, thoughts, ideas and creativity. Sometimes (oftentimes?!) it gets tired, when our days are filled with stress, or we are rushing from one place to the next with little times for breaks or self-care.
Notice now that your light bulb brain has a dimmer switch. Ever so gently, turn the dimmer switch down so that the light from the bulb begins to dim. Feel your light bulb brain begin to relax and settle down. Take a deep breath in through your nose, and as you exhale, see yourself turning the dimmer down even more until your light bulb brain is barely shining at all.
Feel your head begin to relax….your thoughts slow down, your ideas go to rest. Breathe in deeply now, and on the exhale, turn your dimmer all the way to “OFF.” The switch is turned off and your light bulb brain is now completely at rest. Take a moment and let your light bulb brain recharge and restore itself.
(After a minute or more) When you are ready, slowly begin to turn your light bulb brain back on….slowly, just a little at a time….  Start to adjust the dimmer so that the light becomes a little brighter with each inhale until light and energy have filled your brain and body once again. Remember that you can use the dimmer switch on your light bulb brain anytime your brain needs a rest. Once your light is fully shining with refreshed energy, open your eyes and enjoy a big deep breath in, and exhale “haaa” through your mouth.
(adapted by Susan, from the Yoga4Classrooms card deck)

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