Many years ago, before experiencing my first Yoga class, I participated in my first Spinning class.
The lighting was dim, the instrumental music soft and rhythmical. A gentle voiced microphoned instructor suggested we “zone-out,” as he explained that the intentional dim lighting was to facilitate elimination of external distraction.
With eyes closed, I established my cadence to the beats-per-minute of the music, witnessed my breath and felt a calm wash over me.
I was hooked and eventually realized I had just been introduced to Meditation in Motion. My first meditation experience ever.
Eventually I became a certified Spinning instructor, and often play a 5+ minute instrumental song, guiding a ride in silence with eyes closed. While some resist at first, I hope all participants eventually experience the clear and calm mind of a Meditation in Motion.
Not long after, I experience my first Yoga class, and it happened again, I was hooked. Now I found Meditation in Stillness, does it get any better?
~ Susan Marx

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