Today’s meditation is inspired by distractions. Deciding to meditate in my infrequently empty home, I usually find my cat and dog uncommonly interested in being on my lap, walking around me, staring at me and playfully nudging me. How does one meditate when being so rudely interrupted?
Meditation in non-quiet, not-quite-alone situation can be replaced with an intense presence to what is happening. Can you stay absolutely in the moment with the distractions? Can you keep your thoughts on the situation without judgement? Observe the tiniest details of the distraction, the whiskers of the cat, the texture of the dogs hair, the sound of the purr, the click of the paws on the floor. Take the distractions and turn them into an opportunity to listen, observe, breath and stay present. Remember  the meditations that you were able to have in quiet, undisturbed situations, and bring that peace, that quiet, to your current seat, and practice.
~ Andrea Trembley

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