Pause  3 times daily  and deepen your self-kindness.
Its simple…here’s how.
1.   Briefly scan your physical body.  Notice where there is ease, discomfort or little sensation.  No need to evaluate or describe to yourself, just notice.
Respond heart-fully with: ”Yes, all’s welcome.”
2.   Notice your emotional body.  What emotions are here, right now? What’s their raw energy?
Again, no need to dissect or get lost, a light noticing is all.
Respond heart-fully with: ”Yes, all’s welcome.”
3.   Be aware of your thoughts.  Is your mind speedy or sluggish?
Is the mind still with a recent interaction?  Is there space between thoughts or no space like a quick moving train?  Neither good or bad, just noticing.
Respond heart-fully with: ”Yes, all’s welcome.”
Complete with :
“Breathing in dwelling in my heart, breathing out self kindness to myself, exactly as I am right now.” *
I give thanks for this guidance to Buddhist teachers
Pema Chodron, Tara Brach, and Ezra Bayda*
~ Martha Whitney

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