A mantra is a word or short phrase that is repeated silently to yourself.  It comes from Sanskrit and can be translated as an “instrument of thought”.  Mantras can be a great way to help keep your mind focused during meditation or even physical practice.
Sometimes my mind will not stop thinking about what’s for dinner later or what I did last night and I find that repeating a mantra to myself during meditation helps to keep my mind from wandering.  A simple mantra that I like to use is “So Hum”, which translates to “I am That”.  “That” can refer to the supreme consciousness, the universal energy, the light within us all, or really, whatever you want it to mean!  Mantras are meant to focus your mind, but also to uplift you and cultivate positive energy.  Choose any mantra that resonates with you.
Here is a short mantra mediation to try out:
– Set a timer for 10-15 minutes depending on how much time you have
– Find a comfortable seat and close your eyes, begin to observe your natural breath
– Take a slow, deep breath through your nose and silently say the word “So”, slowly exhale and say the word “Hum”
– Continue to let your breath flow in and out while repeating “So..Hum”
– When your mind wanders, just gently bring yourself back to the mantra, “So” with each inhale, “Hum” with each exhale, “I am…That”
– When the timer goes off, let the mantra fade away and sit for another minute or so observing your breath
~ Chelsea Brasel

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