Awaken to the richness of your world by choosing sound as the object of your mediation. By practicing listening on your meditation cushion you can train your mind to enjoy the songbirds in the spring, your dear friend’s voice, or breeze in the trees. It can also train you to not get so hooked by annoying sounds. Here’ s how:
1. Take your meditation seat and become aware of your body and breath. Relax.
2. Create an intention to listen to sound for 5-10 minutes. Set a timer.
3. Begin to listen to the sounds around you. First, hear the sounds at a distance. Over time, listen to the closer sounds in the room or even your own breath. Bring your open attention to the raw sound. Stay with it.
4. Our habit is to describe the sound, evaluate it, or be drawn off into a story about it. (This is especially true with ‘annoying’ sounds.) Notice this, and gently bring your self back to the raw sound again and again, with curiosity and gentleness.
5. Listen to your world. Enjoy!
~ Martha Whitney

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