Join us the first 21-Days of January for our Back to the Mat Challenge. It might just be the kick you need to deepen your practice and maybe even improve your life.
Each year right around the holidays, we resolve to improve ourselves. We all want better lives next year. We resolve to be happier, healthier, skinnier, richer, bendier, more productive…We want to improve. And why not? It’s human nature to want to keep learning, keep having new experiences.
But New Year’s Resolutions are not just about hope and wishful thinking, they are about to action to change habits. And that’s a tricky thing to do.
We all have habits. Some good, some bad. Psychology tells us that a habit develops within a psychological pattern called a “habit loop.” It’s a three-step process: first a trigger or cue sets us off, then there is the behavior, the habit itself, and then there is a reward. The brain loves the reward and creates neural pathways to find that reward again and again.
Buddhism calls habit loops samskara, a Sanskrit word meaning ‘that which has been put together’ and ‘that which puts together.’ It refers to conditioned phenomena and mental “dispositions.” We tend to take on these dispositions or impressions day by day, moment by moment.
In either case habits are the conditioned responses we have to our experiences. Which means that they can be de-conditioned, re-conditioned, or even air-conditioned. This is where the yoga practice leaps, twists, and bends to the rescue. Regular practice can help you turn the corner on those conditioned responses.
They say that when it comes to establishing, or reestablishing your yoga practice, just getting to the mat can be the hardest part. It’s easier with friends and with guidance. Join us online. You’ll have the support of our Facebook community and opportunities to win a weekly raffle prize.
To join the challenge, RSVP as ‘Going’ to this Facebook event.
Here’s our raffle line-up:
Week 1: Evolution water bottle
Week 2: Evolution tank top
Week 3: Evolution hoodie
Grand prize: FREE One-Month Unlimited Yoga Pass!!!
(must participate in all three weeks)
Entry in prize raffles is based on your participation via Facebook. Simply leave a comment (could be just one word) on each daily Facebook post of the challenge you complete. For each comment you leave, your name will be entered once in the raffle (limit one entry per day). The more you participate (and comment), the more times you will be entered!

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