Our 21-Day Back to the Mat Challenge starts tomorrow. Together, we’ll look at fun, creative ways to get back to your yoga mat and establish (or re-establish) your personal yoga practice.
During the next twenty-one days, we will not share a journey to the new you. Not at all. The you that you already are is the very best you. Instead of trying to change your essence, we hope this practice will create enough space and time to reveal it.
Each day, we will add a posture or practice and break down the details of its alignment and technique. By the end of the Challenge, you will have a go-to yoga sequence you’ll know by heart and be able to develop and depend upon for the rest of your life.
Get Ready. Tonight, before you go to bed, or before you go out to a New Year’s party, make a space to practice. This will be your yoga spot for the next 21 Days. Sweep, vacuum, clean up your yoga corner. Design your environment in such a way as it does not detract from the choice you want to make. In this way, you will reinforce your intention by creating a route to your own success.
If you like the idea, make an altar that represents your goal of twenty-one days of daily practice. You can use a candle, incense, an inspirational photograph of yourself at your very best, a statue of Shiva (the god of yoga), or your favorite pet rock from the Gaspe Penninsula. Choose a few things that will make the space special, sacred, and entirely yours. Keep it simple, neat, and focused.
Choose and commit to a time for your practice. The first day will only be a few minutes, subsequent days will be longer. Set yourself up for success by finding a time that will work for you. Some people find that committing to a consistent time is the best way to establish a routine.
Before you go to bed, put your mat in your yoga spot. Don’t roll out your mat until it’s time to practice.
Your daily practice will be a ritual – just for you. Ritual gives purpose and meaning to our actions, it creates lasting impressions in the mind, body, and spirit as it forges neural pathways in the brain. Intention and consistency lead to discovery and knowledge.
Happy New Year. Smile and thank yourself for making this commitment.

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