Welcome to Day Eleven, Child’s Pose. Balasana. Let’s turn it all the way up to Eleven.
Balasana is such sweet bliss, I’m never quite sure why it is not called Happy Baby. Child’s Pose calms the mind, improves digestion, stretches the lower back, and opens the hips. It is a wonderful resting pose that can be interspersed into any yoga practice at any time. Whenever you feel overwhelmed or ungrounded, just lower yourself down into Child’s Pose and press the center of your forehead (your third eye) into the mat (or into stacked fists, if the mat is too far away when you rest your head down).
Putting pressure on your third eye (the space in your forehead, between the eyes and just above the eyebrows) stimulates branches of the vagus nerve which triggers the relaxation response and balances the nervous system.
From Downward-Facing Dog, lower your knees onto the mat, take them wide and bring your big toes together. Push your weight back onto your heels. Lower your torso down in between your thighs. Rest your forehead down on the mat. If your knees are uncomfortable in Child’s Pose, place a folded blanket inside the fold of your knees. If your head does not reach the mat in Child’s Pose, rest it on a yoga block or on your hands stacked on top of one another.
After a few breaths in Child’s Pose, push yourself back to seated and then lower down into Savasana.
Here is today’s complete practice:

  • Take a comfortable seat
  • Close your eyes, Bring your attention inward
  • Inhale, lengthen the spine, Exhale, keep that length
  • Notice deeply
  • Continue in this way for 10 or 20 breaths
  • Open your eyes and move to a kneeling position (sit back on your heels)
  • Perform Kapalabhati for 20-50 breaths, Repeat (as you like)
  • Come to Child’s pose, enjoy the effects of Kapalabhati
  • Come up to Table, then move with breath:  Table > Down Dog > Table > Child’s Pose…
    Repeat Five times (or as many or few times as you like)
  • Balancing Table (both sides)
  • Lower arm/leg back to Table
  • Exhale as you Push back to Downward Facing Dog
  • Inhale, Step forward to Standing Forward Fold
  • Exhale here
  • Inhale up to Tadasana, Mountain Pose
  • Sun Salutation (both sides)
  • Tadasana
  • Close your eyes, bring your hands together in Prayer Pose, Anjali Mudra, at the center of your chest
  • Breathe
  • Uttanasana, Standing Forward Fold
  • Sun Breaths
  • Step back to Downward Facing Dog
  • Lunge (right foot back)
  • Runner’s Stretch over left leg
  • Lunge (left foot back)
  • Runner’s Stretch right leg
  • Step back to Downward Facing Dog
  • Lower down to Child’s Pose
  • Push back to a comfortable sitting position
  • Lie back into Savasana
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